What’s New in Lytec 2011 SP1 - Released September 13, 2011


The Lytec 2011 Service Pack 1 (SP1) offers many new corrections, improvements, and enhancements to help you manage your practice. Some of the highlights include:

17167 – Correction: Lytec unable to load CrossProduct DLLs.

This service pack corrects an issue where the installer would not install the CrossProduct DLLs. At log in, the user would receive an error.


19623 – Correction: Date is in the future in the birthday field.

If the year of the patient’s birthday is entered with a future year, an error is generated and the user cannot change the date. The system goes into a loop. This has been fixed.  


19706 – Correction: A/R Management tool causes Lytec to crash.

This service pack corrects an issue in which Lytec would generate a database error when using the A/R Management tool and trying to add a billing.  


20034 – Correction: RelayHealth connection type in Communications Manager not creating GT1 segment.

For the RelayHealth connection type, Communications Manager was not creating the GT1 segment. It would create this segment for other connection types, however. This has been corrected for RelayHealth.


21359 – Enhancement: Patient labels by Date Last Seen range including only active patients.

Users need the ability to filter Patient labels by Date last Seen and by the Active/Inactive status of the patient record. This feature is now available.


21360 – Correction: User Name on Login by default is incorrect.

The User Name that displays at login should default to the last person who logged into the workstation and not the last person who logged into the network as a whole. It was displaying the name of the last person who logged in anywhere on the network, causing users to get locked out of the system because they aren't looking at the user name when they log in. This has been corrected so that the last person to log in on that particular workstation will be called up the next time Lytec starts. 


21391 – Correction: InitialStartPosition Incorrect for Lytec lookups when using partial words and F3 key to Lookup

When entering a partial match in a lookup and pressing F3, the Lookup window does not position itself correctly on the screen when it opens. This has been corrected. 


21392 – Correction: When closing the Print dialog in Custom Reports, such as Practice Analysis, Audit Trail, or Appointment Report, Lytec loses focus and the computer jumps to another application. 

When closing the Print dialog box from certain custom reports, the computer assigns a different parent window and another open application on the computer comes to focus, hiding the Lytec window. This has been corrected. 


21393 – Correction: Lytec database focus changes after print appointment schedule. 

If the user has more than one database open, the focus will switch to the second database when the user would print the Appointment Schedule in the first database. This has been fixed. 


21394 – Correction: Pressing F3 or magnifying glass to search by provider or transaction code is not working. 

This service pack corrects a search location issue that would occur in the following situation: If the user has Charges and Payments open, places the cursor in the Provider or Tx Code fields, types in the first letter of a search term and presses F3, instead of opening the Find Provider or Transaction Code window at the letter or number entered in the field, the focus is on the first option in the list. Now, the Find window will open with the focus on the first item with that number or letter.


21403 – Correction: Adding Lytec tutorial database after installing Lytec does not properly ensure Admin / Report users on the database have all the permissions  

This service pack corrects an issue where the installation of the Lytec tutorial database does not ensure that the Admin and Report users have all of the correct permissions. 


21408 – Correction: Communications Manager--deleting HL7 triggers takes too long.

The time it took for the system to delete HL7 triggers was excessive. Changes have been made to the code to correct this.


21435 – Enhancement: Integrate Clinical Quality Reporting into main Practice Partner Server install.

Clinical Quality Reporting is now included as part of the installation of Practice Partner Server for Lytec MD.


21446 – Correction: LoginUser() inaccurately locking out a user continuously, even after the user lockout was disabled.

This service pack corrects issues with the system inaccurately locking out users. 


21467 – Correction: Lytec Report Designer fails to launch, giving an Access Violation Error.

This service pack has corrected an issue where Lytec Report Designer would not start. Instead, it would give an Access Violation error.


21473 – Enhancement: The Lytec DVD should include the Practice Partner documentation.

The DVD for Lytec MD now includes the documentation for the Practice Partner program. 


21479 – Enhancement: The Lytec DVD should include the Practice Partner Growth Plot Files installer.

The installation of LytecMD now includes the Practice Partner Growth Plot Files. The 3-97% PLT files used for plotting children’s growth charts will be installed with Lytec MD 2011 SP1. If your organization would like to use the 5-95% PLT files, you can run the Lytec MD Server-5-95 installer located on the Lytec MD DVD after installing or upgrading to Lytec MD 2011. This installer will add the 5-

95% files (this does not include the BMI files) and remove the 3-97% files.

Important: If you upgraded to Lytec MD 2011, and your organization currently uses the 5-95% files, and you would like to continue using them, you must run the Lytec MD Server-5-95 installer to remove the 3-97% files, and add the 5-95% files.


To run the installer:

1. Make sure all users are logged out of the system.

2. Navigate to the Lytec MD DVD on the DVD-ROM drive of your server.

3. Double-click the Lytec MD Server-5-95.msp. The Welcome screen appears.

4. Click the Next button. The Ready to update Lytec MD Server screen appears.

5. Click the Update button to begin the installation.

6. A message appears when the installation is finished. Click the Finish button.


 If you uninstall the 5-95 patch (using Add or Remove Programs), the 3-97% .plt files will be restored and active in Lytec MD.


To uninstall the patch:

1. Open the Control Panel (click Start > Settings > Control Panel) and the click Add or Remove Programs link. The Add or Remove Programs screen appears.

2. Select the Show updates check box.

3. Select 5/95% growth charts for Lytec MD 9.5 (underneath Lytec MD Server).

4. Click the Remove button. A confirmation message appears. Click Yes.


 21484 – Correction: The No check box is not marked on CMS 1500 form when Patient Insurance Accept Assignment is No.

When Accept Assignment was set to No on the Patient’s Insurance tabs, the No check box on the CMS1500 form was not being checked. This has been fixed.


21489 – Correction: Crystal Reports crashes Lytec intermittently and may also cause user logout Issues.

This service pack corrects an error in which Crystal Reports would cause Lytec to close without warning when the user would first open a report. Error handling has been updated to stop Lytec from closing and the problem has been fixed so Crystal Reports will not cause this. 

21503– Enhancement: Add Practice Partner 9.5.1 to Lytec MD 2011 SP1.

Lytec MD 2011 Service Pack 1 will install Practice Partner 9.5.1.


21507 – Correction: The unified installer should detect whether the Practice Partner Server installation has failed so that it can alert the user.

This service pack corrects an issue in which the unified installer was not notifying the user if the installation of Practice Partner Server had failed. Now, it will alert the user. 


21537 – Enhancement: The Lytec MD DVD should include the PPConnect installer.

The PPConnect installer has been added to the Lytec MD DVD.


21575 – Enhancement: Add the Practice Partner ancillaries to the Lytec DVD.

Several new options have been added on a sub-menu of the installer called “Lytec MD Add-Ons.” These include:



Growth Charts

 PP Connect


Clean Add/Remove


To install these options, insert the DVD and allow the Autorun to start. Click Lytec MD Add-Ons. Zoom is installed with Practice Partner.


21621 – Correction: Collection aging radio option in preferences will not save any option other than date of service.

When a user selected Admin > Preferences > Aging Tab and attempted to modify the Collection Aging rows radio button to any other option and then saved, the button would reset itself to the default (Date of Service) when it went back into preferences. This has been fixed. 


21632 – Correction: BillFlash statements not updating Patient Billed To date.

This service pack corrects an issue in which the Bill To date for a patient was not being updated on BillFlash statements. 


21641 – Enhancement: Lytec conversion status log displays customer’s SA password.

The code has been modified so that the SA password for the customer no longer shows on the Conversion Status log. 


21748 – Correction: The unified installer should specify the desired data path when upgrading an SQL instance.

When a user is upgrading from an existing release of LytecMD, the installer will now specify the existing data path for Lytec data during the install. 


21726 – Correction: Exiting Lytec without first closing the practice sometimes returns a Windows "Lytec has stopped working" message.

When exiting Lytec using the Red X button after clicking the Lytec L icon without closing the practice first, a Windows dialog appeared indicating that Lytec had stopped working.  In general, this occurred when the application is closed before the database connection is closed.  This has been fixed.  


21749 – Correction: After paying an item and saving in Charges & Payments and then performing a patient chart lookup, users sometimes receive a spurious message: "Current billing has been modified.  Do you want to save it?"

Users were sporadically receiving the message “Current billing has been modified. Do you want to save it” after they had paid an item in Charges and Payments and then performed a lookup on the patient chart. This was occurring even though the user had saved the billing just prior to performing the lookup. This has been fixed. 


21780 – Correction: Lytec Client-Server and LytecMD options in the installer should default to Client rather than Server.

The installer has been updated so that the default selection is Client rather than Server, since the Client is installed more often than the Server. 


21781 – Correction: Some Statuses are causing a deletion in Practice Partner.

This service pack corrects a problem where certain statuses for appointments were causing appointments to be deleted when they were transferred to Practice Partner. These statuses were: Missed, Canceled, Rescheduled, and Recalled. Now, appointments with Missed – NS and Cancelled – CA will send Update as the action. Appointments with status of Recall will be deleted. Appointments with status of Reschedule – RS will send a Cancel for the original appointment and Update for the new one.  


21791 – Correction: Lytec MD DVD should include PPConnect.exe instead of PPConnect.msi.

The DVD contents have been updated so that PPConnect.exe is available instead of PPConnect.msi. This change will allow users to install multiple instances of PPConnect. 


21800 – Correction: User name should never default upon Login. It should always be blank.

This service pack corrects in issue where the User Name field is prefilled on log in. Now, it will be blank. This ensures extra security and access for users. 


21803 – Correction: In the Apply Insurance Payment wizard the Insurance field will not retain the carrier code other than for the carrier in bold letters.

This service pack corrects the following issue:  While using the Apply Insurance Payment wizard, if users change the value in the Insurance field, it will not remain the default value later if the patient is called up again. Instead, the default value in bold will populate the field and users will post the payment for the wrong insurance company if they do not notice this. This situation will occur when the initial payment comes from the secondary or other insurance company and NOT the primary insurance company, or if the primary insurance company makes a second payment and Lytec expects that this new payment is for the Secondary insurance. Now that the issue is fixed, the insurance company that is selected will be retained through the entire process. If the default value is left, it will be retained; if the user changes the default to another insurance company, the new value is retained.


21822 – Enhancement: Lytec DVD and AutoRun menu should include PP Remote Connect Client.

The user can now install PP Remote Connect Client from the LytecMD Add-Ons submenu in the Autorun menu. 


21845 – Correction: Installer detects 32-bit or 64-bit operating system rather than existing SQL Instance on upgrade.

This service pack corrects the following issue: If SQL Server 32-bit is installed into a 64-bit operating system, the Unified Installer will attempt to install the 64-bit version of SQL Server because it is detecting the operating system rather than the existing SQL Instance for its 32- or 64-bit version determination.


21857 – Enhancement: The unified installer should open an explorer window to the SQL Server log directory if the SQL Server installation fails.

If the SQL Server installation fails, the unified installer will now open an Explorer window to the SQL Server installer logs folder, provided both the folder and Explorer.exe can be found. 


21971 – Correction: Eligibility Verification Results Radio option View latest transaction only is not working correctly.

This service pack corrects an issue where the option View latest transaction only on the Eligibility Verification Results window was not filtering correctly.


Revenue Management


20813 – Enhancement: Revenue Management should treat partial payments the same way as Lytec does.

This service pack contains Build 84 of Revenue Management 1711, which has been enhanced to allow for partial payments. Below are instructions for setting up and using this new feature. You can post partial payments in Revenue Management and have Lytec update the information automatically. 

Setting up Lytec

In Lytec, you’ll need to set up or edit Transaction Codes so that there are codes for Partial Primary Insurance Payment and Partial Secondary Insurance Payment. To do so,

1) Select Transaction Codes from the Lists ribbon menu.

2) Set up two codes and make sure that Type on the Description tab has Partial Primary Insurance Payment and Partial Secondary Insurance Payment for PPIP and PSIP, respectively. We recommend that you name these codes PPIP and PSIP but you do not have to do so.

3) Save these new codes. 

4) If you need to make more codes, do so now.

Setting Up Revenue Management

In Revenue Management, you’ll need to assign the partial payment posting codes and set up the Default Posting Code options on the Remit Posting Options tab. To do so

1) Open Revenue Management.

2) Select Configure and then Preferences.

3) Select the Assign Posting Codes tab.

4) Select the partial payment codes for the correct columns.

5) Select the Revenue Management tab.

6) For the Primary Payment, select IP as the Posting Code.

7) For the Secondary Payment, select SIP as the Posting Code.

8) Select Save, near the top left of the window.

Processing Remittances

When you process remittances, you’ll need to make sure that the correct posting codes are selected during the posting process. You will do this in one of two ways:


Override Posting Code Settings   

When you are posting payments and are given the opportunity to post the remittance, select Use these codes instead and make sure that codes with values of PPIP and PSIP are selected. Then click OK. 


Viewing Remit and Posting Codes  

For this routine, you change the posting code on the Process Remittance window. To open this window,


1) In Revenue Management, select Process and then Reports. 

2) Double click on the correct report. 

3) Click in the field for the Posting Code and select the new code.   Click inside box to change code


In either case, then the payments are posted to Lytec, Lytec will not record the payment as complete. Instead, the Pay Item window in Lytec will show the partial payment with a TX Code of PPIP (or PSIP) and the amount of the payment in the Payment column.