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Appointment Call has been sold, serviced and installed over 25,000 systems worldwide since 1983, more than any other computer telephony system in the world. On-site developers continually work to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. Included in purchase is top-notch on-site installation and support services for 1 year at the Gold level, 1 year hardware warranty, as well as integrations, make this system second to none.   

Easy Business Software is firmly committed to help find the most effective and cost-efficient way to bring this powerful communication technology to your organization. If you have any questions or wish to schedule an on-line demo, please call 800-645-2962.

System Inclusions:

Hardware - Telephony server 2 ghz or above, 512 mb RAM; 80 GB hard drive

Software - Windows 2000 Server, 2000 Pro, XP Pro

Training - Remote, one day onsite, one or two-day onsite.

System Features

Organizational log-in - allows hundreds of doctors to log in and operate unique calling sessions, manage call lists and record practice based messages

Remote administration via web interface – navigate screens, deliver calls, create call lists, print reports

Web-based tools - Bulletin board, information lines and surveys can be set up using any web browser

Multi-user capability in multiple locations - multiple calling sessions and information boards from an unlimited number of simultaneous locations

Powerful reporting – Export reports directly into Word, Excel or html - e-mail reports anywhere

Inbound features include bulletin board, homework hotline, voicemail, adwheel - set up information lines, homework and upcoming test reminder calls; voicemail, reminder messages; e-mail voicemail

Client Surveys – collect client reaction with touch-tone response

Promotional messaging – has the ability to market your organization when needed

Easy-to-read User’s Guide – Includes examples of scripts, setup instructions and ideas to create effective messages

Platforms supported: Server runs Windows 2000 or XP Pro, 2003 server. Client must run Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. OS does not matter. Telephony server supports more than 1,000 phone lines. Server attached to a network.

 Core technical features

• Outbound message notification via phone and e-mail

• Voice bulletin board – (audiotext – inbound and outbound)

• Voicemail (inbound)

• Address Book – Lists addresses

• Simple survey capability

• Sponsor wheel

• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

• Customizable IVR scripting capability

Application Startup

3 user login security levels

• User - some system capability

• Administrator - organization mgmt

• Super User - full system mgmt

 System Configuration

• Organization name

• User-defined wait to retry a phone number after busy signal

• Allows duplicate phone numbers to be called on outbound calls; duplicate phone numbers are not called by default

• Separate day/night mode

• User defined maximum times to try on outbound calls

• User defined number of rings to determine no answer

• Earliest and latest times a call can be made by day of week

• Plays alternate message to answering machines

• Day and night greeting –

• User-defined maximum number of selections caller can execute

Home Page Summary

• Home page is a digital dashboard

• Shows numbers called, numbers delivered, and totals

• Selectable feature navigation bar

Web Interface Feature Set

Outbound Notification

• Text to speech – This text-conversion engine converts typed text into natural sounding voice messages

• Contacts –List all contacts (addresses tied to a person); accepts imports of ASCII-text files; technically no limit to the size of the file; editable only from master list of addresses; no limit on number of notification addresses per individual; variable length text field allows user to filter any set of data.

• Contact Lists –A specific group of contacts (people and addresses) filtered from Address book or imported from another data source.

• Recordings –Organized in folders by user creating message – guest will not see list of messages. User sees two tabs, personal and shared messages; admin sees all messages.

• Selection linking –Forward/backward with no limit into voice bulletin board; ability to link to voice bulletin board on outbound message delivery.

• Message delivery –User-definable days/hours/times for message delivery.

• Suspend/resume calling –Default is on – can only be set over the phone.

• Security –Personal Identification Number can be required to listen to outbound


• Priority Notification –Ability to set notification priority for any notification event; normal is default - priority calls receive more time than normal calls; emergency calls (administrator only) requires security – other call delivery suspended

• Blocked List – Allows a master list of blocked phone numbers

• Answering machine alternate messaging options –

• Never deliver to answering machines

• Deliver same message to answering machine

• Deliver different message to answering machine

Inbound Calling

Voice Bulletin Board

• Direct 4-digit addressing (access to specific message/selection)

• Link (skip) forward to another message or selection

• Link (skip) backward to another message/selection

• Max. selections per call – default is 10 – user definable

• Maximum bad attempts is 3 then hang-up – user definable counters with reset and date

• Allow for private audio text messages (employer to employee or client group)

• Allows the ability to disguise any voice mailbox

• Question extension – allows up to 9 touch-tone responses

• Wheel extension – no system limit to sponsors; “randomization” feature

allows user to select any number of extensions as “advertisements” and to play ads in any order

File (data) Import

• Import text from ASCII files – address, group or notification

Voicemail Options

• Retrieve messages one by one

• Delete each message or delete all messages

• Tells how many messages in mailbox

• Special delivery broadcast option (available to administrator only)

Help Set Wizards

• Send a message (8 screens)

• New recording (2 screens)

• Edit recording (2 screens)

• Delete recording (1 screen)

• New selection (5 screens)

• Edit selection (5 screens)

• Delete selection (1 screen)

• Reset all counters (1 screen)

• New people (3 screens)

• Edit people (3 screens)

• Delete people (1 screen)

• Import people (1 screen)

• Create a new group (3 screens)

• Edit a group (1 screen)

• Delete a group (1 screen)

• Import group ( 1 screen)

• Create a new job (8 screens)

• Edit a job (1 screen)

• Delete a job (1 screen)

Reports (Printable)

• Bulletin Board

• Play Summary

• Recordings Summary

• Recordings Detail

• Voice Mailbox Summary

• Question Results Detail

• Sponsor Wheel Summary

• Extensions Detail

• Menu Reports

• Broken Links

• Addresses Detailed

• Group Summary

• Group Detailed

• Notification Detail

• Notification Summary

• Blocked Addresses

• Port Parameters

• User Report

• User Report by Type

• Weekly Schedule

• System Parameters

• Organizations

• CountersA 


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